1. Assortment of Spanish cheeses

  2. Trevélez ham with pan tumaca

  3. House paté stuffed with tuffles

  4. Smoked strugeon on a bed of tomato and virgin olive oil

  5. Scallop Carpaccio, alioli and duck foie gras

  6. Goat cheese, caramelised apple, Amarena cherries and Manchego cheese tower

  7. Salmón avocado, cocktail sauce and rocket crepes

  8. Green asparagus gratin

  9. Baby broad beans with cured ham and egg

  10. Salmorejo (tomato,bread,oil and garlic cream)

From the vegetable garden

  1. Tomato, rocket and tuna carpaccio

  2. Warm watercress, salmon, mushroom and prawn salad

  3. Special «house» salad (2people)

  4. Special «house» lettuce hearts

  5. Piquillo pepper salad with tuna, pine nuts, rockets, dates and cane surup

  6. Chef´s indulgence

From the sea

  1. Grilled squid with wok-fried vegetables

  2. Cod confit with fresh tomato sauce

  3. Cod au gratin with garlic mayonnaise

  4. 3-batter king prawns

  5. Sea bream in green sauce with king prawns and surimi elver

  6. Monkfish brochette

  7. Stewed prawns with mango

  8. Skewered prawns

Deep fried

  1. Homemade cured ham croquettes

  2. Fried aubergine sticks with cane syrup

  3. Iberian chorizo sausage and parmesan wraps

  4. Ham & cheese flamenquines

  5. Fried camembert with can syrup and raspberry sauce

  6. Broken fried eggs with chips and cured ham

  7. Broken fried eggs with chips, cured ham and foie gras

  8. Broken fried eggs with surimi elver and straw potatoes

  9. Broken fried eggs with iberian secreto (Spanish cut of pork), chips and Padrón pepper

Grilled meat

  1. Entrecôte

  2. T-bone steak

  3. Beef sirloin

  4. Pork sirloin

  5. Iberian secreto (Spanish cut of pork)

  6. Iberian presa (Spanish cut of pork)

  7. Baby lamps chops

Sauces: roquefort, pepper…

Stewed meat

  1. Oxtail

  2. Iberian pork cheek stewed with plums

  3. Leg of suckling lamb

  4. Pork sirloin au gratin with Tetilla Cheese

  5. Beef sirloin in Pedro Ximénez with duck´s liver

  6. Iberian presa (Spanish cut of pork) with toasted garlic, wild asparagus, iberian ham and fried eggs

  7. Leg of suckling pig au confit in olive oil

  8. Duck breast in Mozarabic-style sauce

Cecilia & Paco

Cecilia & Paco

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